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Experience Summary

Michael Moule has over 15 years of progressive traffic and transportation engineering experience, focusing on many aspects of transportation facility design, traffic engineering, development review, neighborhood traffic concerns, construction administration, and involvement of citizens in transportation issues on the state and local level. Mr. Moule combines traditional transportation engineering and planning with cutting-edge methods and technologies to create innovative solutions to the transportation and livability challenges faced by communities throughout the United States.

Mr. Moule is a Registered Professional Engineer with a Civil Engineering Degree from Princeton University, class of 1993.


Oct. 2002 -

Principal Transportation Engineer – Livable Streets, Inc.         Tampa, Florida


Mr. Moule is President and Principal Transportation Engineer of Livable Streets, Inc., the company he formed to assist state and local governments in planning, designing, and maintaining transportation systems that accommodate all modes of transportation as a means of improving quality of life. He has significant innovative design experience and specializes in improving conditions for non-motorized users without degrading vehicle capacity. Specifically, he works in pedestrian and bicycle transportation engineering and planning, community friendly street design, "main street" projects, traffic calming, intersection design including roundabouts, shared use path design, "road diets", bike lane restriping projects, transportation design for neo-traditional development, and other similar projects.

Mr. Moule makes frequent presentations at local, regional, and national conferences and forums. He employs a public workshop format where he presents "toolboxes" of various treatments (e.g. traffic calming measures, pedestrian crossing treatments, bicycle facilities, etc.) to citizens in order to train them to design and recommend solutions. He actively participates in international email discussion groups concerning transportation engineering and multi-modal transportation which enable him to keep abreast of the "state of the practice" and new developments or technology. Mr. Moule regularly reviews various state and federal transportation and engineering standards documents.

April 2002 -

Senior Transportation Engineer – Sprinkle Consulting, Inc.     Tampa, Florida

Sept. 2002

Mr. Moule joined SCI to broaden the firm’s already strong expertise in pedestrian and bicycle transportation. The projects he worked on included regional bicycle and pedestrian plans, traffic engineering and design for shared use paths, and research projects related to bicycle and pedestrian transportation.

March 1999 -

City Traffic Engineer - City of Asheville            Asheville, North Carolina

April 2002

Mr. Moule joined the City of Asheville Engineering Department to provide a balanced approach to transportation engineering for the city. He used his specific experience in non-motorized transportation combined with an overall background in transportation and civil engineering to provide the City of Asheville with a transportation system that serves all users. Mr. Moule developed, authored, and implemented the Traffic Calming Policy for the City.

City Traffic Engineer’s responsibilities include supervising professional, technical, and administrative staff, writing policies and procedures, developing and revising standards for streets and traffic control devices, designing traffic calming projects, changing parking designations, overseeing the operation of the City’s signal system, designing roadway improvements, reviewing development plans, administering a portion of the Transportation Services Division Budget, recommending changes to speed limits, creating temporary traffic control plans, and adding or removing traffic control signs.

Mr. Moule participated in frequent public meetings in order to provide information to the public and get feedback from residents to assist in completing his work. He also made presentations to the City Council, other public boards and committees, and citizens on a monthly basis.

July 1993 - Feb. 1999

Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)

March 1998 -

Project Coordinator/Pedestrian and Bicycle Coordinator - Region 4     Bend, Oregon

February 1999

Mr. Moule transferred to Region 4 to design and administer construction of a portion of the Bend Parkway, an urban expressway constructed through the center of Bend. He used his expertise in pedestrian and bicycle accommodation to minimize the negative impacts that this new facility and other projects in Region 4 have on non-motorized transportation.

Project Coordinators’ responsibilities included designing and overseeing the construction of multi-modal highways that comply with federal, state and local standards using MicroStation drafting software and Inroads road design software. Specifically these designs included road alignment, typical sections, sidewalks, storm sewer systems, and staging and detours. Design phase responsibilities included directing and reviewing the drafting of construction plans and reviewing designs for traffic signals, permanent signing, structures, and landscaping. Construction phase responsibilities included completing redesigns due to unforeseen problems or new information, and directing the work of project inspectors and surveyors.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Coordinator’s duties included providing technical guidance to ODOT personnel, local governments and others to assist them in accommodating pedestrians and bicyclists on roads and highways in Region 4.

Both positions required frequent public involvement and meetings to exchange information with citizen groups.

June 1995 -

Bicycle & Pedestrian Facility Specialist - Bicycle & Pedestrian Program          Salem, Oregon

Feb 1998

Mr. Moule’s primary responsibility was to ensure that all construction projects on Oregon’s highways included appropriate accommodations for pedestrians and bicyclists. His secondary responsibility was to work with local governments to improve conditions for these non-motorized users on other roads in the state. Specific duties to achieve these goals included reviewing construction plans, providing technical guidance to ODOT employees, local governments and consultants, and inspecting in-progress and completed projects. Mr. Moule also tracked bicycle and pedestrian expenditures and administered a grant program for cities and counties. Mr. Moule’s duties also included preparing and updating cycling maps and publications including the Oregon Bicyclists Manual, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Report, and the Oregon Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan (OBPP). Revisions to the OBPP included changing and developing design standards and guidelines.

Mr. Moule was instrumental in updating ODOT’s standard drawings for sidewalk ramps and driveways across sidewalks in order to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. He became ODOT’s foremost expert on accommodating the disabled on public sidewalks.

July 1994 -

Associate Structural Designer - Bridge Section            Salem, Oregon

June 1995

(3rd rotation, Graduate Engineer Program)


Associate Structural Designers’ responsibilities included designing structures, checking others’ designs, and reviewing contractors’ "shop" drawings prior to construction.

January 1994 -

Junior Designer - Region 4 Project Development Office           Bend, Oregon

June 1994

(2nd rotation, Graduate Engineer Program)


Junior Designers’ duties included collecting and processing survey data needed for design, completing preliminary designs, and estimating quantities and costs for highway projects.

July 1993 -

Chief Inspector/Party Chief - Construction Office          Bend, Oregon

Dec. 1993

(1st rotation, Graduate Engineer Program)


Inspectors’ duties included monitoring and inspecting highway construction work done by contractors. Party Chiefs’ responsibilities included surveying in preparation for highway construction.


BSE Civil Engineering – Princeton University, Princeton NJ 1993


Program in Architecture and Engineering
Senior thesis topic: Bridges of Oregon Coast Highway

Registrations and Memberships

Oregon, Professional Engineer Number 51066 (July 21, 1998)
North Carolina, Professional Engineer Number 25342 (December 2, 1999)
Florida, Professional Engineer Number 59611 (January 22, 2003)
Institute of Transportation Engineers
Member, Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals

Major Presentations

June 2003 - Presenter and Panel Member at a half-day session about roundabouts - Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals seminar series.

June 2003 - Instructor at a Real Intersection Design (RID) workshop in Boston, MA.

August 2002 – Made two presentations at the Institute of Transportation Engineers Annual Meeting and Conference in Philadelphia, PA; one concerning Traffic Calming and the other about considering all modes when evaluating roadway Level of Service.

November 2001 – Presenter and Design Team Leader for two half-day seminars at the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP) Seminar Series in Tucson, AZ.

June 2000 – Gave an educational presentation about "Expressways and Local Connectivity" for a major design forum for the Interstate-26 connector project in Asheville.

September 1997 – Presented at two workshops about pedestrian programs and pedestrian planning and design documents at the National Pedestrian Conference in Washington, DC.

Special Projects

2002 - Recommend Practice Review Panel Member for Neighborhood Street Design Guidelines: An ITE Proposed Recommended Practice.

2000 - 2001 – Member of the Technical Review Committee for the New Jersey DOT Flexible Design Standards project - 2000-2001

2000 – Reviewed two drafts of FHWA’s Roundabouts: An Informational Guide; made several comments and sketches concerning pedestrian and bicycle issues.

April 1999 – Member of the Walkable Communities Study Team for a traffic calming Charrette for the Grandview Terrace neighborhood in Clearwater, Florida.

Other Interests

USCF Licensed Category 1 road bicycle racer
NORBA Licensed Semi-Pro mountain bike racer
USARA Licensed Adventure Racer
Other personal interests include skiing, backpacking, hiking, basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, and in-line skating.




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