To better serve our clients as we continue to grow, Livable Streets, Inc. has moved to a new location in the walkable SoHo district near downtown Tampa on South Howard Avenue. We are sharing space with Renaissance Planning Group, Inc., a planning, design, and policy analysis consulting firm specializing in the integration of transportation, land use, urban design, and technology. Livable Streets and Renaissance are working together on several projects across Florida, providing a unique blend of planning, design and engineering for livable communities. Click here for the Renaissance Planning Group website.

Livable Streets Inc. President Michael Moule is currently traveling throughout the country as an instructor for two training courses based on FHWA's new "How to Develop a Pedestrian Safety Action Plan" document. One course is "Designing for Pedestrian Safety" and the second is "Developing a Pedestrian Safety Action Plan". More information on this document and the availability of training courses can be found here:



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