Grove Arcade Streetscape


The Grove Arcade Building was completed in 1929 and originally housed one of America’s first indoor public markets along with office space upstairs. After being used by the federal government for over 50 years, the building has recently been restored to the mixed-use landmark that it was designed to become. To make this a viable project, the City of Asheville reconstructed the street and added streetscape features that enhance the exterior of the building.


As the City Traffic Engineer, Michael Moule redesigned the street layout. Working with the Fire Department and other stakeholders, he specified narrow lanes to reduce traffic speeds. Michael maximized the street parking around the Grove Arcade building, designing diagonal, perpendicular, and parallel parking offset by curb extensions to reduce the pedestrian crossing distance to no more than 24 feet at all locations around the building. The streetscape included street trees and other enhancements to beautify the street. Michael sent an AutoCAD file with the horizontal layout to a Civil Engineering firm so they could draft construction plans design appropriate drainage facilities.








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