This project extended a regional greenway trail and reconstructed WT Weaver Boulevard to discourage speeding traffic, provide safer intersections, and improve the aesthetics of the area. This project reduced the number of traffic lanes from four undivided lanes to two lanes with raised median with left turn bays at every intersection and driveway. The benefits of this lane reduction include:

  • No significant reduction in
  • Reduction in vehicle speeds;
  • Provision for landscaping,
    beautifying the areas; and
  • Reduction in impervious surface
    decreasing runoff;

The project includes a roundabout at the main entrance to the University of
North Carolina at Asheville (UNCA). The roundabout:

Increases safety at the trail crossing;
Reduces speeds along WT Weaver Boulevard;
Allows safe turning movement; and
Provides an attractive entrance to UNCA.

As City Traffic Engineer for Asheville, Michael Moule had direct control over many aspects of the project. The City hired a Civil Engineering firm to develop the actual construction plans, but Michael specified the geometric layout including lane and median widths, corner radii, trail crossing locations, and left turn bays. Another Engineer performed the detailed roundabout geometric design. Michael worked closely with this consultant, suggesting changes to improve the roundaboutís geometry to enhance safety and attain the proper vehicular speeds.



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